Verosol Virtual Reality app

The Verosol Virtual Reality app offers customers a to quickly look into the world of Verosol and explain why Verosol is the global market leader in the field of high quality.

About Verosol

Verosol is the global market leader in functional interior blinds. Verosol is both a manufacturer and a global supplier of high-quality metallized fabrics and complete window coverings.

Since the founding of Verosol in 1965, their products have been designed to contribute to significant energy savings and a comfortable living environment. Product performance, energy savings, and thermal and visual comfort are the most tangible contributions to the realisation of sustainable buildings.

Why Virtual Reality and Recreate?

The Verosol commercial team always brought a so-called ‘Heat&Light kit’ with them during customer visits.
This kit is a large and heavy case with various measuring devices. The various specifications of the metallized Verosol cloths are produced by means of the measuring devices. Thermal comfort is measured with an infrared thermometer and visual comfort is proven with a luxmeter. Until recently, this was still the best way.

Idea: the development of the Verosol Virtual Reality App

Using the Heat&Light kit as a starting point, the idea of comfort was further elaborated, not only in terms of quantity. In addition, sustainability is a more important pillar, both from the point of view of Verosol’s mission and for financial reasons. This is how the idea of a Verosol Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality) app came about. After an extensive selection procedure, Recreate was selected as a partner to develop the Virtual Reality app.

Lindsay Hovenier, Technical (Product) Advisor at Verosol indicates: “I was already familiar with the activities of Recreate, so it was easy for me to develop a ‘virtual experience’ with them via a Virtual Reality app. This allows the commercial team to take the customer with them virtually, both during their customer visits and at trade fairs, thanks to Verosol’s comfort enhancing USPs. This also allows the innovative character of our company, to include the latest technology in the market strategy, to be further developed. After Recreate was selected as a partner, the communication during the project was pleasant and our feedback was well followed up. We also went internally with the Virtual Reality glasses through our canvass factory and awning assembly factory in order to gain support for the Virtual Reality app from all our colleagues”

Why mobile driven instead of computer driven?

During the selection procedure it was decided to develop a mobile driven Virtual Realityapp instead of a computer driven Virtual Reality app, making the app more widely applicable. This provided us with some challenges in terms of quality and realistic representation. The mobile driven app offers more application possibilities to easily place the Virtual Reality experience in the awning shops (at the dealers). This makes it accessible to the retail market and allows the retailers to experience the benefits of the Verosol interior blinds in their shops.

Convenience of the Verosol app during customer visits.

At this moment the International Area Sales Managers are already taking the Verosol Virtual Reality app with them to the customers to show the ‘executive office’ (part in the Virtual Reality app). By using this app, Verosol can show the customer what increases comfort on a mobile device. For example, what are the effect of metallized awnings on the temperature in a room, the brilliance on the number of screens in the workplace, the amount of light that can pass through the room and the transparency that remains.

“The Verosol Virtual Reality app enables us to offer our customers to quickly look into the world of Verosol and explain why we are the global market leader in the field of high quality.” Ivar Homma, International Area Sales Manager and also involved in the project with Recreate. “My colleague Sales Managers are positive about the use of the app and look forward to being able to use the virtual collection at customers that will become the following functionality added to the app.”

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