Clear assembly instructions ensure fewer errors

Recreate XR Instruction Platform

Empower your shopfloor workforce with augmented work instructions, training, and real-time information to improve productivity and decrease on-boarding time of new employees.

Fewer errors with our easy to follow 3D instructions

Recreate’s Extended Reality (XR) instruction platform makes it possible for companies to create training instructions that are accurate, realistic, and easy to follow. This improves efficiency and productivity by allowing users to quickly and easily generate instructions that can be used in Virtual Reality (VR) but also on a Hololens in Mixed Reality (MR).

Instructions are at the heart of many activities in industry. Especially in the manufacturing sector and industries/disciplines that use physical goods, accompanying instructions with 3D images helps convey more information. The transition from a conventional 2D (pdf) handbook to a digital one is already taking place, albeit slowly due to the additional knowledge and expense required.

With VR/AR/MR, much is doable when it comes to product assembly, maintenance, and operation. However, generating these instructions is a time-consuming process that necessitates particular expertise. An intelligent Step-By-Step-Instructions platform (PHP/C#/Unity) is developed for this project. Object visualization (polygons, lighting & shading), database extraction, and data classification are all important aspects here.

Benefits of the platform

  • Reduced training time for new employees
  • Clear assembly instructions ensure fewer errors and that the product is assembled correctly the first time.
  • Reusability of CAD data