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Recreate is a company fully dedicated to utilizing Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for business purposes. With a team of highly skilled people, we are using technology to generate business value for our customers. Recreate is driven by business improvements and we can advise you in which technology fits best for your purpose. Recreate offers consultancy, technical developments and advisory work for the full stack of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality under one roof.

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Microsoft Hololens 2 workshop

Experience the power of the HoloLens 2 yourself! Recreate organizes Corona-proof workshops for you.

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Would you like to experience all the functionalities of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality? Recreate has set up a special experience-room in Amsterdam and Rijssen. Different customer cases and applications are shown here and these can be experienced by yourself.

Our product specialists will show you the future and provide information about what Recreate can do for your company.

In this link you can see find more information about our experience-room "the Holosuite" Amsterdam.