Connect the real and virtual world

Why go for an Mixed Reality solution?

Implemented Mixed Reality creates multiple benefits for your company and your customers. With the use of Mixed Reality in combination with a Head-Mounted Device, the user can freely use their hands to perform tasks – decreasing risks and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, it presents an unlimited opportunity to optimize business operations, increase the knowledge of the users by overlaying comprehensive information, and to improve the after-sales service. Mixed Reality can present solutions that make your business processes more time-efficient and cost-effective, creating more possibilities and value for your business.

Microsoft Remote Assist Mixed Reality solution

One of the standard solutions that we implement is Microsoft Remote Assistance. This solution allows field engineers to get help from a remote expert. The field engineer uses a smartphone or a Microsoft HoloLens and use Microsoft Teams to call to an expert by using Remote Assist, the expert can easily view what the field engineer on location is seeing. With this information the expert can give tips and tricks via Remote Assist. Help can be given by using the following options: 3D annotations, taking/sharing photos, sharing documents and video and it is even possible to contact several experts at the same time.