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Creating a Virtual Reality experience

to visualize their plans.


About Dyson
Dyson offers their customers efficiency; they do this by always creating more effective products. Since the founding of Dyson in 1991, they have been constantly creating the newest and innovative household appliances to people in over 65 countries around the world. These appliances include the vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hand dryers, bladeless fans and hair dryers.

Why did Dyson Choose for a Virtual Reality Solution?

In order to promote their newest products and display them, Dyson has created shop-in-shop experiences in multiple malls and department stores. As a retailer that is relying on shop-in-shop experiences, it is of great importance that they have the space that they need to display their products in an attractive and efficient way. The more space assigned to the brand means more space to fill with their products. This is the same for Dyson; Dyson had a new idea in mind regarding their display for their newest hand dryer, this required more square meters than they were already assigned within a big department store. In order to persuade the department store to provide a bigger space, Dyson had to show a convincing plan. They made several visualizations of their plan in both a 3D drawing and a 2D ground plan in order to convince the warehouse, but it was not enough.

Making ideas work

This is where Recreate Solutions presented Dyson with an idea: creating a Virtual Reality experience in order to visualize their plans in a more interactive and immersive way. It provides Dyson with a modern and innovative way of trying to convince the department store. This Virtual Reality experience shows the design plan in great detail; Recreate has done this by creating very detailed 3D models of the newest household appliances that Dyson had provided and placing them in a modern lay-out. Next to showing the products and layout, it also gives the user the possibility to walk around the design and inspect it from every angle.

The Pay-off
With the Virtual Reality experience, Dyson succeeded in convincing the department store to give them their required square meters and the design that is presented in the Virtual Reality display is still in use in the present day.

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