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See Grill Bill’s barbecue in your garden
without downloading any application.


About Grill Bill
Since its founding in 2019, Grill Bill has been providing barbecue lovers with Kamado BBQs. They offer their customers barbecues of various sizes – with each BBQ made from high-quality ceramic. Grill Bill pride themselves in not only offering their customers with a high-quality product but also with delivering them the experience of being part of the Grill Bill Family.

Why Web Augmented Reality?
As choosing a BBQ is not an impulsive buying decision, it is of importance that the customer would get a good image of the difference between the available sizes and of the materials used. However, visiting the store in-person is not always possible, and images on a website sometimes do not provide enough feeling of the product. As indicated by Bobby, founder and owner of Grill Bill: “Our Grill Bill kamados are exclusively available in Eindhoven, which means that there are customers who sometimes have to drive 2 to 3 hours to view the kamado BBQs. That is why we want to serve our customers remotely.”. In order to provide customers with a full experience of the product remotely, WebAR technology can be implemented.

Immersive Experience

Recreate has provided Grill Bill with the incorporation of Web Augmented Reality on their website. With this tool, the customers can see what Grill Bill’s barbecues would look like in their garden with the use of their phones, and even share it with friends and family – but without having to download any application. The customers can use their device’s camera to place the Kamado BBQs in any setting, walk around them, and experience the barbecues’ matte black structure in the ceramic up close. Providing not only the customers but also Grill Bill with an additional immersive experience. Bobby added: “As an internet entrepreneur I find it important to be distinctive, so I am always looking for things that make us and our products unique. Distinguishing yourself as a new Dutch brand from the rest is very important to be successful in the kamado BBQ market.”.

What is the payoff?

With the use of WebAR, the customers of Grill Bill can interactively choose their best fitting Grill Bill Kamado BBQ. It makes them not only a consumer of content but also a creator of content – resulting in enriched customer experience and brand perception. Furthermore, it assists customers with making the purchasing decision, and it enhances the engagement of the company’s website. With the incorporation of WebAR on a website, companies show their customers that they are involved with innovative technology and that they value immersive customer experiences. “We are the first BBQ brand in the world to use this technology, and with this we are already one step ahead of the competition.” as said by Bobby. “What we also notice is that Augmented Reality is a tool that increases customers’ their confidence in us, this because we show that we pay a lot of attention to presenting our kamados. Augmented Reality is not a tangible product, but Recreate has ensured that the product brings you a step closer to reality.”.