2 apps for Remeha to train new staff better dan ever before


About Remeha
Remeha is a leading international brand for indoor climate solutions. Since 1935, we have been delivering smart, impactful and efficient solutions for heating, cooling and hot water, both for homes and utility buildings. With our innovations, we anticipate the comfort needs of tomorrow and offer our customers efficient and sustainable comfort. A sustainable indoor climate for everyone. Remeha makes it possible.

With over 500 employees, Remeha provides a contemporary interpretation of development, production and market approach, making it a leading manufacturer in the Netherlands and Europe. Remeha is one of the main brands within BDR Thermea Group, a leading international manufacturer and distributor of innovative heating systems, hot water systems and related services.

Remeha is part of BDR Thermea Group

BDR Thermea Group produces and distributes heating and hot water systems and related services internationally. The mission of BDR Thermea Group is to provide customers with an even better service and, based on new technologies, develop more energy-efficient products that offer even higher comfort.

BDR Thermea Group has worldwide branches in more than 80 countries and realizes an annual turnover of approximately € 1.7 billion. This makes BDR Thermea Group the third largest player in the European market for heating and sanitary hot water systems. Currently, more than 6,500 people work for BDR Thermea Group worldwide. The head office is located in Apeldoorn.

During the peak of production, Remeha has a big flexible workforce. Now they have a big challenge how to train the staff as quickly as possible so they can work independently on a moving production line. During a single shift approximately 400 tzerra boilers are produced on a moving production line. When, at the end of the line, a worker has not finished his boiler the whole production line has to stop leading to less produced finished goods. Currently, Remeha works with a couple of trainers who guide new staff, this is labor intensive and every trainer has their way of explaining how to work. Remeha is looking for a tool to assure assembly staff is well-trained before starting working on the actual production line.  


Recreate has created 2 apps for Remeha to train new staff better dan ever before! First Recreate created a smartphone app with a 3D viewer, visually explaining the assembly steps. When a new temporary worker is hired, they get access to this app that already trains them before the on-site at Remeha. During the first day in Apeldoorn, the new staff will be trained with a HoloLens 2 in a training room. A real Tzerra boiler is fitted to the wall and by using the HoloLens 2 the new hire will be explained how to assemble the boiler. The last step is an “exam” with a timer per step to simulate the real process as well as possible. When the new hire passed this examen he/she is granted to go to the production hall and start assembling boilers. Training people like this will result in fewer production line standstills and everybody is training in the same way.

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