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Improved design accuracy and faster time-to-market
with Recreate 3DX Prototyping solution


About Versuni (formerly Philips Domestic Appliances)
Philips Domestic Appliances has announced the change of its company name to Versuni. Although the visual identity of the company is changing, its mission to turn houses into homes remains constant. As a licensee of Royal Philips, the company will continue to use the Philips consumer brand, as well as Saeco, Gaggia and Philips Walita, on its products and services. Consumers can also continue to use products of its other brands: Preethi, L’OR Barista and Senseo

Versuni has invested in the Recreate 3DX platform to support their design for assembly process (DFA). Optimizing the Design for assembly (DFA) process can result in significant cost savings for manufacturing companies. By optimizing the design of a product for ease of assembly, DFA reduces the need for complex, time-consuming assembly processes and minimizes the number of parts required, which can ultimately lower material and labor costs.Furthermore, DFA can reduce transportation costs associated with shipping large or heavy products, as well as decrease the amount of inventory space needed for storing parts and materials. By identifying and addressing potential design flaws early on in the process, DFA can also prevent costly rework and delays, which can lead to missed deadlines and lost revenue.

With the Recreate 3DX Protyping platform Versuni streamlined their Design to Assemly (DFA) process

  • Improved design accuracy through digital tools and simulation
  • Faster time-to-market by quickly iterating on designs without physical prototyping
  • Cost savings through reduction of materials, labor, and transportation costs
  • Enhanced collaboration between teams and departments
  • Sustainability through waste and resource reduction and optimization of designs

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