Be able to guide the other representative

to install the delivered machine.


About Cellro
Cellro was created in 2004 in the workshop of a metal processing company in the middle of The Netherlands. Bram de Koning, founder of Cellro, was and still is the owner of this successful company in the machining industry. As regards automation, linear pallet handling systems were used and a robot was used in work for the automotive branch in 2000. Due to their limited intelligence, they did the same trick every time and could only be used for large production quantities. De Koning required a more flexible and more clever process-controlled automation solution. He also saw opportunities to optimize the production process in the company efficiently. And so the Cellro concept was created as a universal automation solution for metal-shaping machines which was able to automate every handling which occurred. Automation was an indisputable element in this and machines were linked. Various product lines were developed and realized from this concept. 


  • How can we reduce the workload of our service team and help customers across Europe with the need of traveling all the time? 
  • How can we support the sales team by giving them the option to visualize Cellro machines in the environment of the customer/during a tradeshow? 

The Solution Offered by Recreate

Recreate the proposed 2 solutions: 

  • The HoloLens 2 with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist. This is currently being used to help dealers and customers remotely. Cellro is also using the HoloLens 2 to perform Remote support when dealers and/or customers have questions about their machines. Cellro is also using it to do remote training on how to operate a machine. A trainer from Cellro wears the HoloLens in Veenendaal and other parties can join remotely.  
  • For Sales Recreate has created an iPad application to show Cellro equipment to prospects in their environment. The machines from Cellro are relatively big and difficult to transport and normally Cellro sales inviinvitespect do their demo locations. It can how, however, a pen that they visit a customer on-site/attend and tradeshow and using the Augmented Reality app they can show their portfolio anywhere anytime anyplace!   

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