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Industrial Metaverse

The hype around the term “metaverse” is accelerating at astronomical speed, with science-fiction visions of virtual gamers all spending virtual currency in an infinite number of virtual worlds. But when you peel back the layers around some of the hype, you’ll find some tangible benefits for manufacturers in how they can become more productive in both the digital and physical world. Metaverse is a set of technologies that allows for persistent, digital representations connected to aspects of the real world, like people, places, and things.

Real Results with Augmented Reality

Up to 30% improvement in First-time-Fix rate

Up to 50% reduction in training costs

Up to 40% improvement in onboarding of new-hires

Recreate XR Instruction Platform

Empower your shopfloor workforce with augmented work instructions, training, and real-time information to improve productivity and decrease on-boarding time of new employees.

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