Cellro Remote Assist

Recreate has presented Cellro with a certain solution: the implementation of the HoloLens together with Microsoft Remote Assist.

About Cellro

Cellro, founded in 2004, has been developing itself within the industrial automation industry. These innovative developments are revolving around creating efficiency and flexibility for their customers. Cellro has five different automation solutions that it offers its customers. These solutions differ in size and utilization – this enables them to provide every customer with a fitting solution. Cellro has established presence all around the world with dealerships in multiple countries such as Italy, Russia, Norway, and Germany.

Why a Microsoft Hololens and Remote Assist solution?

Cellro sells its products in multiple countries with the use of dealerships. When these machines arrive, they need to be installed and made ready for operation. Due to the fact that the machines are bought by customers through dealers, they may not have the required knowledge and expertise needed to be able to install the machines. This will require the machines to be installed and made operative by representatives of the Cellro team. As the representative will need to travel to the said location, it will cost both time and money to be able to perform the activities needed, and sometimes traveling to the location is not possible due to circumstances. With this problem, Cellro approached Recreate.

The Solution Offered by Recreate

Recreate has presented Cellro with a certain solution: the implementation of the HoloLens together with Microsoft Remote Assist. This eliminates the need of having to travel to the on-site location, as the Cellro representative will be able to explain the whole procedure while being at the remote location. The customer its representative will only need to put on the HoloLens and make the call with Remote assist, the Cellro representative will then be able to guide the other representative to install the delivered machine. Not only is it usable for assistance with the installation; when there is an error within the machinery, Cellro does not have to visit the location. With the solution, they can simply use Remote Assist and solve the problem.

What is the Payoff

With the use of Remote Assist, Cellro now can go through the installation process remotely. The use of Remote Assist helps them with cost savings in ways such as fewer travel costs, shorter lead time of the process, fewer hours needed for inspection, and a shorter downtime of machinery. It also saves Cellro the time in ways of traveling and installing the machines, making the use of Remote Assist more time-efficient.

What is next?

There will be an implementation of 3D visuals within HoloLens, created by SolidWorks. This will enable Cellro to show its customers a 3D visualization of its automation machinery with the details.

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