Industries Training and Education

Virtual based training to prepare people better than ever before.

AR|MR and VR in Training and Education results in:

  • Train before the product has arrived
  • Training without instructor, analyses supported of line
  • Step-by-Step instructions
  • Enhancing Collaboration
  • Get fast expert advice
  • Improving Safety
  • Train “anywhere anytime”
  • Experience other perspectives

Applications of AR & VR in Training and Education


Maybe you've been there before. A new colleague works for a customer to solve a critical malfunction and calls you for help and wants to know how to assemble it. How do you make it clear which components have to be dismantled before the spare part can be installed? Mixed reality Training can offer a solution to solve the problem quickly and without errors.​​​​​​.


The training of people with the latest technologies comes with many benefits like: training in safe environment, higher cost efficiency and enable an environment where people can virtually experience the “physical experience”. People who are trained using these new technologies often have a higher engagement rate, higher retention rate and need less time to get up to speed..


With the help of these immersive technologies companies can get to most out of the training hours they invest to their workforce. Especially when multiple techniques are combined like AR, MR, VR, 3D models and the integration of videos to deliver a personal training..


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