Keep your projects on-time and on budget with immersive technologies

Mixed Reality in Construction

The use of Mixed Reality in construction realization and construction design offers great advantages. Whether to cut down on costs, improve the skills of your workforce, improve safety and health, immersive technologies like AR and MR (for example with the Microsoft Hololens) is finding its way to construction sides all over the world. Interaction with customers where the user experience of choices and options reach the level of ‘Real Life experience’ ensures making the right decisions and avoid miscommunication. It’s possible to see how the design fits in with its surroundings before the actual construction takes place. This can lead to new ideas and insights at an early stage.

Visualizing the asset

Mixed Reality can also add value during the execution, for example when checking the reinforcement. The reinforcement of the design model is projected over the braided reinforcement in the box. This way you can see exactly the effect of certain options. Another use case is to project the design of the new facade over the old one, so you can look at it from all angles. This makes it much easier to make choices, because you can already experience the new facade in 3D. VR in construction can benefit all parties involved in a project, from visualizing model up to eliminating miscommunication between project members.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Construction

  • Detailed visualization of projects in 3d
  • Support user leads configuration
  • Visualize Realtime/Realize options and choices
  • Seamless integration of sales with engineering
  • Support Field Realization and Control
  • Enhancing Collaboration
  • Bring BIM Models to life
  • Detecting Errors
  • Improving Safety Standards