Reduce your equipment downtime with Mixed Reality

Remote service

The energy and utilities market is changing. With the growth of new technologies, there are more opportunities than ever for contractors and energy companies to increase their profits. One of the most promising new technologies is remote assistance. Through remote assistance, companies can provide real-time support to their customers, no matter where they are in the world.

The world of asset management is changing on a pace never seen before and VR and AR has moved from a gimmick into mainstream Asset Management. AR and VR has potential in the complete value chain for Asset Management companies, all the way from increasing productivity to visualize 3D model on the job.

Whereas mechanics used to sit with their ears on a screwdriver to find a broken bearing, nowadays sound cameras, heat cameras and advanced vibration meters can be used. But combining them with the use of VR and AR can result in even more information.

The added value of VR|AR is particularly evident in unclear and/or unknown situations. In 24/7 operational environments where work is being shifted, it is a challenge to communicate a new work instruction clearly to all mechanics. Asset Management companies are also lacking in finding new skilled personnel to do the job, AR and VR could be a vital part of companies strategies to keep their workforce trained and skilled.

Digital twins reduce downtime of machines and production line, virtual training assures work safety or remote assist  diagnoses a problem.

AR/VR in Asset management can be used for:

  • Supply of digital information, such as a step-by-step plan for fault diagnosis
  • The identification of environments, installations and components
  • Video images for the purpose of remote evaluation
  • Remote assistance via voice prompts, annotations and visuals from experts
  • Training on the (virtual) job for starters and non-experts
  • Training on the job for new assets
  • Revolutionize Asset design – bring 2D models to life