Virtual Reality is changing the way how Manufacturing companies do their daily job.

AR|MR and VR in Manufacturing results in:

  • Train before the product has arrived
  • Improve worker safety
  • Reduce assembly time
  • Cut down on operational costs
  • Improve product design
  • Do more efficient plant-maintenance
  • Reduce asset downtime

Mechanical-Engineering with Virtual Reality


New technologies like AR, VR and MR have reached the manufacturing space and are shaking things up. Across the whole, manufacturing industry companies are starting to use these technologies on a wider scale and experiencing the benefits of it. These new technologies can change the manufacturing industry significantly by optimizing factory lay-outs, improve workforce safety and cut down on costs.


AR, VR and MR can also be used to increase your internal efficiency. Traditional manufacturers often have expensive machines they use to product their products. A big chunk of the operational costs are related to the preventative and reactive maintenance for the production lines. By using AR, VR and MR gives maintenance engineers to tools they need to resolve problems as soon as possible. Combining this with IoT and Machine learning, expertise in this mix of technologies allow engineers to resolve an issue before it occurs.


Virtually simulated plants or machines are also available for employee trainings. This is especially valuable for trainings on plant and machine maintenance and operation. Thus, it is possible to do trainings even before the actual start of production. Equipped with VR glasses, the employees are not only able to observe the processes in the virtual space of the plant. They can actively engage in it, as all virtual buttons of an automation system or control panel in the spatial simulation can be operated. According to this virtual operation, the mode of operation of the plant changes.


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