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Enexis adopts Microsoft Mixed Reality technology
to take a leading role in the energy transition.


About Enexis
Our 4,500 or so dedicated employees are working hard every day to ensure stable and reliable grids and to secure the future of our energy supply. At Enexis, we encourage, coordinate, enable and fund initiatives and use our knowledge, skills and strength to boost the energy transition in order to make sustainable energy possible together. 

For well over a century, we have operated at the centre of society to ensure a reliable energy supply and provide services that we believe make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. By using our knowledge, expertise and energy in a variety of ways, we are helping accelerate the energy transition. This is very much a societal role – one that we also intend to continue in times of rapid change. Now and in the future 

Dutch state-owned utility provider Enexis is on a mission to drive the energy transition at a national level. This, however, requires significant changes. From infrastructure upgrades to grid expansions, Enexis is largely transforming its operations – and is doing it using new technology and greater amounts of skilled personnel.

To make sure that its current and future workforce is equipped for the needs of the future, Enexis has rolled out a training program centered around using Mixed Reality with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides and HoloLens 2. An instant success across the company – allowing trainees to master materials 40% faster than in traditional ways – the initiative has persuaded Enexis to go even further, and venture into the possibilities offered by the industrial metaverse. 

Preparing the workforce for new demands 

Enexis video

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“We were aware of the shortage challenges that our company was facing in terms of new hires, but also when it came to mentors and trainers themselves,” Veerle Wijshoff, Innovation Manager at Enexis explains. “To address these challenges, we knew that we could rely on technology and other rapidly evolving innovation opportunities.

“But that wasn’t enough for us: we really wanted a solution and use case that could add value and create immediate impact to our mentorship program – and at the same time, helps us with creating a building block for more technology implementation, like the industrial metaverse.” Right away, she says, the team realized that the HoloLens 2 was the perfect solution to meet these needs.

“It could help to make training quicker, more inclusive and practical, for example. It could also support mentors and allow them to reduce time. Lastly, it was perfectly suited to the new, younger generations of trainees, with their natural predisposition and curiosity towards technology,” she continues.

“Mixed Reality – together with the Dynamics 365 Guides and HoloLens technologies it came with – was perfect for our training needs.

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