Recreate Webinars

In the coming weeks we will organize extra webinars with various interesting topics. If you want to know more about a specific subject, it is also possible to speak with one of our experts via a video call. 

360 photo- and video Solutions
09-04-2020, 14:00

If your customer no longer visits the store, how do you get the store to the customer?

Microsoft product visualize
14-04-2020 and 16-04-2020, 14:00 

Support your sales team meet their customers’ needs faster by using mixed reality. 

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Customer Succes journey
02-04-2020, 14:00

We often get the question how Augmented, Mixed and Virtual reality is being used in the “real-life”. In this webinar we will show that Augmented, Mixed and Virtual reality is beyond the hype!

Exhibition Solutions
07-04-2020, 14:00

How our technology can support your exhibition and promote your products in a better way. An open conversation with our specialists

Step-by-step instructions
24-03-2020 and 26-03-2020, 14:00 

With Step-by-step-instructions your staff is able to perform complex tasks without the need of multiple years hands on experience.

Reality Masterclass
31-03-2020, 14:00

Virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality let us experience a world different from the one we live in. Get all the ins and outs.