Engineering Industry

Recreate and Innovam collaborated
to try something innovative.


About Innovam
Innovam, founded in 1948, has been training and educating people within the mobility industry for over 70 years. They strive to ensure that there are sufficient qualified employees within the mobility sector, and they do this by delivering product and services that generate measurable results and more efficiency. Innovam trains and advices people in the areas of car and two-wheeler technology, (after) sales and management and HRM.

Why try something new?
As the mobility industry is changing rapidly, the need for qualified employees is high. Training and educating people are of great importance, and this should be done in an efficient way. Due to the fact that the main source of education is still a paper instruction manual, Recreate and Innovam collaborated to try something innovative.

Step-By-Step Instructions and HoloLens

Recreate has offered Innovam to implement the the use of step-by-step instructions in combination with the Microsoft HoloLens. Together with Innovam, Recreate has developed a step-by-step application regarding the changing of the brake pads of the Audi A4. With this, the test-users of the simulation were shown each step they had to take in order to change these brake pads. This was shown with the use of animations. These animations show a detailed explanation as to how to perform the actions of changing the brake pads for this specific car, paired with comprehensive information that explained why the action is performed and what should be done next.

In this way, the user of the step-by-step instructions can follow instructions and read information with both hands free while performing the task, which makes it more efficient for the trainee.

What is the ROI
With the use of the step-by-step instructions, the test-users indicated that the quality of the lessons were gradually improved, and the instructions were easier to comprehend than the previous paper instruction manual. In addition, it was concluded that the quality of the performed tasks was of a higher level compared to when executed using a paper manual. It allows Innovam to educate their trainees in an innovative and effective way.