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Oasen Hololens application

Within the simulation that Recreate has created, it is shown and explained how to change a filter of Oasen. This is done with the help of Step-By-Step instructions.

Innovam Step-by-step Hololens Application

Due to the fact that the main source of education is still a paper instruction manual, Recreate and Innovam collaborated to try something innovative.

Grill Bill Web Augmented Reality

Recreate has provided Grill Bill with the incorporation of Web Augmented Reality. With this tool, the customers can see what Grill Bill’s barbecues would look like in their garden with the use of their phones without having to download any application.

Huka Augmented Reality Application

Recreate has offered Huka the solution of an Augmented Reality application that offers support in selling their wide range of bicycles in an innovative and engaging way.

Wensink Mercedes-Benz Augmented Reality

Recreate was asked to contribute to the transition from offline to online, with a high fun factor.

Achterhoek Route App

Together with Achterhoek Tourisme, we have developed the Achterhoek Route App. With this app, anyone can fully explore the Achterhoek with more than 250 routes to follow.

AWL Hololens Remote Assist

This solution enables a representative of the customer upon the expertise of an AWL representative. The AWL representative does not need to be on-site; he/she can support the customer from a remote location.

Dyson Virtual Reality

Creating a Virtual Reality experience in order to visualize their plans in a more interactive and immersive way.

Europarcs 3D experience

Recreate has developed an application in which EuroParcs can show investors at a trade fair their to-be-built resorts in 3D.

Johan Cruijff Arena Hololens App

In a joint collaboration with the Johan Cruijff Innovation Arena, Recreate has developed an HoloLens application.

Verosol Virtual Reality app

The Verosol Virtual Reality app offers customers a to quickly look into the world of Verosol and explain why Verosol is the global market leader in the field of high quality.

PB tec Remote Assist

With the use of the Microsoft HoloLens and Remote Assist, the PB tec representative can assist the customers with the process of installing and making their machines operational without having the be on-site.

Skantrae Augmented Reality

Skantrae innovates continuously and that has led to the company now has a leading market position. The group uses advanced augmented reality technologies to offer the customer an optimal experience and thus better advice.

Jumbo Mixed Reality app

Thanks to the mixed-reality application that has been developed, visitors to the exhibition will be able to view the newly built ship in virtual cross-sections that can be controlled by a hand gesture or using voice control.

Duflex Hololens Remote Assist

The solution that Recreate has offered to the problem of Duflex is the Microsoft HoloLens in combination with the Microsoft Remote Assist.

Kees Smit showroom

Kees Smit uses a virtual showroom to let customers visit the showroom virtually and 24 hours a day. This leads to more sales online. Click on view case to view the application

Cellro Remote Assist

Recreate has presented Cellro with a certain solution: the implementation of the HoloLens together with Microsoft Remote Assist.

Dura Vermeer Customer case

Dura Vermeer imports 3D BIM model into Microsoft HoloLens to build virtually.

Photonis Customer case

Photonis is a global market leader in the development of luminance amplifiers for defence, aerospace and commercial purposes. Photonis produces Nightvision products that are used in night vision, weapons and other applications.