Mixed Reality is the future of shopping

AR|MR and VR in retail results in:

  • Allow customers to configure a product
  • Be able to give more extensive product information
  • Use virtual showrooms to save money on shops
  • Reduce the sales inventory with virtual products
  • In store navigation to guide a consumer

Mixed Reality is the future of shopping

Customers have had similar struggles during shopping for decades: annoying sales people, small assortment in the store, ordering a customized product from a catalog. Using AR, MR and VR can completely change the way people buy thing and the possibilities are endless!


With the introduction of E-commerce, customers are more than ever inclined to shop at home. With the latest immersive technologies, companies can create complete new experiences for customers. One of the new technologies is “Virtual try-on”, which can be used by customers to try-on shoes/jewelry/(sun) glasses by using a mobile camera and a browser. Another example is a to place a AR hologram of the object in a physical room, this is especially interesting for especially expensive items or items with many configuration options. Many companies, like for example Ikea, use this technology to show their products in your own surroundings​​​​​​​.


Another use case of AR, VR and MR is the possibility change the customer experience in a store using these immersive technologies. Use an VR headset when a customer is choosing a holiday destination and give them a full experience. Or use an MR hologram to visualize a product the consumer wants to buy and give them the opportunity to configure the product on the fly. The use of these technologies will lead to a significant cost reduction (less items in a store) but also creates a better customer relation/brand loyalty.​​​​​​​


The industry is clear that AR, VR and MR will play a vital role in the future of retail. Benefits can be achieved both for e-commerce as for in-store shopping. Consumers keep looking for new retail experiences and AR,VR and MR can take care of this.


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