With the Achterhoek Route App,
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About Achterhoek Toerisme
Achterhoek Tourisme is an organization that puts the region Achterhoek on the map in terms of promotion, marketing, and tourist products. The organization is responsible for the tourist infrastructure in the region. With their creative team, they contribute to attracting more tourists and recreationists to the Achterhoek.

With more than 3000km of continuous hiking paths and 3200km of high-quality cycling junction network, you never have to get lost in the Achterhoek. But what route takes explorers past the highlights of the region? And how do they know where the nearest route is and what the duration of the route is? This can all be found in the Achterhoek Route App.

Achterhoek Route App
Achterhoek Toerisme devotes significant time and resources to generate, distribute, and engage with various stakeholders, including hotels, restaurants, and tourists. They constantly seek innovative ways to connect with visitors exploring the region. While the Achterhoek website receives substantial traffic, it falls short in engaging tourists using their mobile devices. To address this, Achterhoek Toerisme enlisted the assistance of Recreate in developing a mobile app. This app goes beyond providing fundamental information and offers extensive details about the abundant bicycle and hiking routes available in the area.. 

Find your way with the Achterhoek Route App

Together with Achterhoek Tourisme, we have developed the Achterhoek Route App. With this app, anyone can fully explore the Achterhoek with more than 250 routes to follow. The routes take users past castles and country estates, through historic towns and national landscapes. By selecting a route of choice, all the information of the route is shown. This does not only include distance and duration, but also the places it will pass through and fun tips for along the way. No route is the same.

Using filters and the search functions, the preferred distance, duration, type, location, and theme of the route can be selected. When the users want a route that is close to their location, routes that are nearby can be found within one click in the application. In addition, the route that the user has selected can also be saved as a favourite or downloaded for offline use.

The Achterhoek Route app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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