Allow people in different locations to share a live view

Allow people in different locations to share a live view

Solving problems can be a cumbersome process nowadays. People are often struggling explaining certain scenarios in words where a “picture can say more than a thousand words”. It might sound easy to only have a video call and solve an issue, but the reality is different, and it is still difficult to explain what the problem is. If you have ever tried to solve an issue through FaceTime or Skype, you probably can confirm that this was a difficult task. This can be resolved with Vuforia Chalk!

What is Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk is an Augmented Reality solution that combines speech, video calling and holographic annotations. Vuforia Chalk connects two people (e.g. an engineer and a subject matter expert) and allows both people to draw holographic annotations which appear over the physical object. During the problem-solving process, the expert can draw anything while explaining how to resolve an issue. Vuforia Chalk does more than place some simple lines “in the air”, the application maps the surrounding and place the annotations in X, Y, and Z-coordinate space.

With Vuforia Chalk, problems can be solved quicker, travel time can be reduced significantly and less experienced engineers can solve complex problems.

Increase your technicians’ effectiveness – anywhere, any time.

Both the subject matter expert and the technician can collaborate easier than ever before by using Vuforia Chalk. Vuforia Chalk can be used on iOS and Android devices – allowing it to be operated by your workforce on devices they already have available today. With Vuforia Chalk both the engineer and the subject matter expert can see live views, highlight details and give guidance in solving complex scenarios. The potential saving can be massive; from reducing travel time to faster training and on-boarding of new staff.

Solve problems in real-time.

Problems can be solved much more efficiently using Vuforia Chalk, as not all situations require an expert to be on-site. Many industries are having problems finding technical educated staff. With technology such as Vuforia Chalk, less educated staff can be facilitated to still solve complex problems. Furthermore, the products that are sold nowadays are getting more complex. With the Vuforia Chalk application, you can assure that your technicians can solve issues directly and thereby improve your first-time fix rate.

Get the app!

As mentioned before, Vuforia Chalk is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be used on smartphones and tablets. Both the engineer and subject matter expert make use of mobile devices allowing them to answer a call in the office or on-site to guarantee flexibility.

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Vuforia Chalk – Real-time AR communication.

“Vuforia Chalk can result in massive savings for your (service) organization. This includes a significant cut down on travel costs for experts, faster and better onboarding of new staff and better utilization of your experts”

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