Make product selling easier than even before!

Make product selling easier than even before!

“Help your sellers meet their customer needs faster with Mixed Reality”. With the Dynamics 365 Product Visualize your sales team can show a 3D representation of a product in your customers environment. With Dynamics 365 Product Visualize it is possible to showcase your product and let the customer experience the item in their own “real-world” environment. Showing an object in Augmented Reality is often much more powerful than showing it on Paper “seeing is believing”. Visualizing a 3D model of the product will result in a shared buyer seller understanding and speed up the sales process.

Many industries sell complex products like: Petrochemical, Healthcare, Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing. Typically, these products are also highly configurable, making it even harder to have a clear understanding of the product. For companies that develop and engineer big and complex machinery, it is impossible to “bring the machinery to the customer” . Augmented Reality allows the to present the machinery to the customer whenever and wherever they are

Dynamics 365 Product Visualize is connected to D365 for sales meaning that the notes, annotations and configurations are directly stored in the sales workflow. Selling complex items typically have a long sales lead time, so embedding all the steps in a workflow will improve overall efficiency.

With Dynamics 365 Product Visualize you are able to build buyers confidence, accelerate your sales cycle and directly capture key sales details!

Partnership with Microsoft

“We are incredibly proud of the close collaboration between Microsoft and Recreate to deliver real live use cases to the HoloSuite. The HoloSuite allows us to give customers a true immersive experience and let experience what digital transformation truly means. The combination of the 360° experience, Microsoft business apps, IoT, the Microsoft HoloLens and real customer cases give an experience which is truly unique in the world!”

Roy Kamphuis, Managing Director and Founder at Recreate Solutions

Visualize Products

To assure you can easily experience the capabilities of the app, four example 3D models are delivered together with the app. You have the option to visualize a machine (as seen on the left side), a turbocharger, a coffee machine and a tent. You can scan your surroundings and the 3D model can be placed. The 3D model can be rotated and scaled, which allows you to view it in life size, as a miniture for the overview and zoom into detailed aspects of the product. Other cool options are to visualize different layers or take notes which can be stored automaticlly in D365.

Microsoft Product Visualize, easy tool to get used to Mixed Reality!

“By placing the 3D model in the real environment of the customer products can configured on the spot. This will result in a higher customer confidence during the sales process, reduce the number of change orders and overall will improve the customer satisfaction.”

Interest in Product Visualize and want to experience it yourself? Contact us and we are more than happy to demonstrate the solution to you!

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