Cross-company innovation projects

Cross-company innovation projects

A single company is not able to keep up with the innovation pace of the world. If you, as a company stand still for too long, the competition will take over your market. To innovate and stay ahead of competitithe on, you need to work together. Sometimes, even with the competition, you’re trying to stay ahead of. Combithat with the knowledge that you cannot be an expert in every field and you come to tconcludelaboration is key to moving forward.

With that in mind, Recreate Solutions has been collaborating with several companies in Cross-company innovation projects. An additional reason for Recreate is the fact that we see Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality as addition and extension of your current processes instead of a stand-alone gimmick or replacement. We will elaborate on two of those projects: E-PLM 2.0 and Indu-Zero.

Partnership with Microsoft

“We are incredibly proud of the close collaboration between Microsoft and Recreate to deliver real live use cases to the HoloSuite. The HoloSuite allows us to give customers a true immersive experience and let experience what digital transformation truly means. The combination of the 360° experience, Microsoft business apps, IoT, the Microsoft HoloLens and real customer cases give an experience which is truly unique in the world!”

Roy Kamphuis, Managing Director and Founder at Recreate Solutions

E-PLM 2.0

Extended – Product Life Cycle Management 2.0 (E-PLM 2.0) is a collaboration between 26 companies/organizations to make improvements to the existing value chains of products.  Collaborating on such matters enables faster innovation and easier implementation of improvements. The project is divided into multiple experiment teams and in each experiment, a group of companies/organizations is collaborating. The majority of the companies are located in the east of the Netherlands and contribute their use cases. The results, best practices and lessons learned are available for all contributing companies/organizations. The main goal is to ensure the implementation of innovations within the value chains. In addition, contributing companies/organizations are extending their knowledge network.

As Recreate Solutions we are contributing by improving processes with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality applications. This resulted in the development of an Augmented Reality demonstrator to visualize the process of a Service Blueprint in Augmented Reality animations for use of discussion and role-playing capabilities. Another demonstrator was developed to show what metadata of a 3D CAD model would look like in Augmented Reality, replacing the technical drawing for instance. Lastly, the first setup step-by-step instructions are realized for the maintenance of industrial machinery. These instructions are available in Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.


Indu-Zero is the name of a cross-company international innovation project which aims to design a blueprint for a factory that produces renovation packages for the housing industry. The consortium consists of industry, government and knowledge institutes. This transnational collaboration is needed to combine all necessary knowledge/experience and to guarantee the option of the project results. The focus lies on the countries of the North Sea Region (NSR). This area contains 22 million houses built ifrom1950-1985 that are causing 79 Mton CO2 of emissions annually. Current home renovations are being carried out on a limited scale and many are not to nZEB standard, with three consequences:

  1. The pace of renovations is too low.
  2. Renovation costs are too high.
  3. Properties not renovated to nZEB standard will continue emitting CO2, and reduce the time frame for a large uptake of deep retrofits.

INDU-ZERO’s solution is to design a factory blueprint, based on Smart Industry and Circular Economy, with the capacity to manufacture renovation packages suitable for all NSR countries, at a high volume (15.000 renovation packages/factory/year) and 50% lower cost.

This blueprint, together with INDU-ZERO’s project adoption activities, will lead investors, building materials groups, housing owner associations, municipalities, governments and public authorities to bring about initiatives that will result in the needed factory developments. These factories, and the 50% cost reduction in renovation packages, will lead to mass market uptake of home renovation packages towards energy-neutral and will ultimately reduce the environmental footprint of the NSR countries to meet EU energy and climate targets.

The project focuses on:

  1. Redesigning and adapting existing renovation technology for next-generation Industry 4.0 manufacturing.
  2. Upscaling of renovation manufacturing such that the pace goes up and the costs go down.
  3. Developing a blueprint for Smart Renovation Factory to manufacture the renovation packages. The blueprint will be available to all factory developers. The renovation packages will consist of an external insulated envelope, heat-recovery ventilation, and renewable energy generation, and all will be recyclable (circular).

Recreate Solutions is visualizing the different designs of the factory blueprint in Virtual Reality. This allows you to walk through the factory before it is being built and make the correct changes. It will also be possible to experience the renovated houses in Virtual and Augmented Reality before the renovation starts. Lastly, instructions for maintenance of machinery and installation on site will be developed in Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.