Webinar: Step by Step instructions

“Empower your employees better than ever before” With Step-by-step-instructions your staff is able to perform complex tasks without the need of multiple years hands on experience. Many industries are facing the issue that they cannot find technical qualified staff to do the work. With the instructions less educated staff will be guided to do a job in time and in the right sequence. Step-by-step-instructions can help companies solving issues (Field Service), performing maintenance and doing assembly.

During the webinar on March the 24th and 26th at 2 pm (GMT+1), our Pre-Sales consultant Tim Hermans will discuss how. The webinar will take 30 to 45 minutes.

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Webinar program

  • Introduction

  • Trends in the market

  • What can we solve with SBSI

  • Examples how SBSI can be used

  • Future Outlook SBSI platform

  • Q and A


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