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About NS
NS was established in 1938 as a government-owned company, and it has since been responsible for operating and managing the majority of passenger train services in the Netherlands. Over the years, NS has gone through various changes and modernizations to adapt to the evolving needs of passengers and society. Nederlandse Spoorwegen plays a crucial role in the Netherlands’ transportation infrastructure, providing millions of passengers with efficient and reliable train services every day. As a government-owned company, NS is also committed to serving the public’s needs and contributing to sustainable mobility solutions.

About Techniekfabriek
In our two-year Mechatronics program, with a focus on mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic disciplines, you can start working right away. Learning through practical experience is at the core, so you will immediately gain valuable real-world work experience at NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen). In the first year, you will have two weeks of internship per period (BOL) at our train modernization location or one of our service and maintenance facilities. In the second year, you will be employed by NS as a (BBL) apprentice mechanic and spend an additional two weeks per period at the TechniekFabriek (Technology Factory). This way, you will quickly learn to work with the latest technologies and work on the trains of the future!

At the techniekfabriek new NS engineers are being trained to be able to maintain the rolling assets of the NS. These students are technically educated but don’t have indept knowledge about the NS assets. At the techniekfabriek students are able to train on real physical objects allowing them the simulate real live challenges.

The NS want to make use of innovative technologies to speed up the learning process and the assure the students understand the asset better than ever before. A big challenge for the NS is to show how assets are working, because they only have component of train in the techniekfabriek this can be a challenge. The NS asked Recreate to help them bring assets to live using 3D and AR, allowing students to truly understand how assets are working.


NS brings assets to live in 3D

Together with the trainers and the Learning and Development team of the NS we have decided to create a native iOS and Android app. The NS had an important criteria that students must be able to download this tool on own devices and the students must be able to use the tool at home or during the travel to the Techniekfabriek.
The apps explains in detail how the climate system works using: airflow visualization, Point of interest, highlight the most important elements.

 The app makes use of three core components: A 3D viewer to show the student in the app how the climate system works, AR allowing the student to place the model in AR in the room around him to truly learn on a immersive way and an AR Object overlay; the student can “lock” AR on the physical object in the techniekfabriek to see all the relevant information in combination with the physical object.


  • NS students can learn anywhere through the app and are no longer physically bound to physical technology factory locations
  • NS students can learn on their own device, there is no longer a barrier
  • 3D allows NS to show elements that you cannot see in real life, think of: Airflow, temperature, Gas/Liquid
  • As a result, we see the following business value: Students learn faster, understand the content better and the knowledge sticks better