Build a better tomorrow with Mixed Reality

Connect the real and virtual world.

Why go for an Mixed Reality solution?

Implemented Mixed Reality creates multiple benefits for your company and your customers. With the use of Mixed Reality in combination with a Head-Mounted Device, the user can freely use their hands to perform tasks - decreasing risks and increasing efficiency.

Furthermore, it presents an unlimited opportunity to optimize business operations, increase the knowledge of the users by overlaying comprehensive information, and to improve the after-sales service. Mixed Reality can present solutions that make your business processes more time-efficient and cost-effective, creating more possibilities and value for your business.


The benefits of Mixed Reality are already being witnessed across a wide variety of industries, such as engineering, construction, medical, marketing, retail, and manufacturing. At Recreate Solutions, we have extensive knowledge about all the possibilities of Mixed Reality and its combination with the required headsets. This enables us to deliver a solution that suits your company's purpose best.

What is Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is where the real and virtual worlds are merged to produce new 3D environments where physical and digital objects interact in real-time. Mixed Reality does not only take place in either the physical or virtual world, it is a hybrid of both.

Mixed Reality is similar to Augmented Reality in a way that its projects the 3D objects in the real world. However, the difference is that these objects are anchored to a specific point in the actual environment, making it possible to consider them as reality. The main difference is that the level of immersiveness is higher with Mixed Reality compared to Augmented Reality. For example, 3D virtual content is experienced as 3D via Mixed Reality but is seen as 3D on a 2D screen in Augmented Reality. Mixed Reality also makes it possible to interact through gesture- and voice-based inputs on a higher level of immersiveness compared to Augmented Reality.


Mixed Reality headsets are used to experience an application to the fullest extent. We at Recreate Solutions, can help you implement Mixed Reality solutions together with the use of Mixed Reality headsets.  This provides you with the ability to explore and manipulate animated objects and see the virtual world from different angles and perspectives. We have the required expertise to consult you as to what headset would be the best fit for your solution. Creating experiences that add value to your business operations will become easier than ever with our help.

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What can Mixed Reality be used for?

There is a Mixed Reality application that can make you work more efficiently for every sector.

With Mixed Reality you can: 

  • Enhance collaboration with Remote Assistance by supporting the customers with the process of installing and making machines operational from a remote location, 

  • Use Step-By-Step instructions to explain and simulate every step precisely with the use of 3D visualizations which allows a person to maintain, repair and install complex units, 

  • Work with BIM models and read files from several different sources to identify how the physical models of the worksite relate to digital models, 

  • Give construction workers the ability to see a virtual version of a structure in its actual location to visualize the end goal, 

  • Determine the condition of in-service equipment with visualization of real-time data to estimate when maintenance has to be performed, 

  • Use 3D training models in the prototyping phase to let your employees get familiar with the uses of a new product before it has been produced, 

  • Let your customers configure or interact with your products in a virtual store to create a long-lasting impression. 


The Potential of Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality offers endless opportunities and it can be used to create additional business value for everyone. The use of Mixed Reality applications can help a business leap to the forefront of its field. At Recreate Solutions, we work with the latest software and hardware to deliver solutions that help you to achieve the desired effects. Would you like to get more details or examples as to what the possibilities of Mixed Reality are? Do not hesitate to request a demonstration or contact us for a brainstorming session. 

Find out how Mixed Reality can be of benefit to you and your company or experience all the functionalities of for example the Microsoft HoloLens in our experience rooms in Amsterdam and Rijssen. In the experience rooms, we can show you a variety of customer cases and applications, to let you experience the business value yourself! 


Wondering what a Mixed Reality experience can mean to your company? 

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