About Huka:

HUKA has been developing and producing bicycles from Oldenzaal for over 40 years that make a difference in the world of riders. 
Your mobility, independence and freedom is our passion. With a committed team, we supply a wide range of innovative bicycles and other means of transport in Dutch design. In our own country and far beyond.



As a manufacturer of bicycles with a focus on providing solutions that keep you mobile, it is important that HUKA's products can be viewed by everyone. 
If this is not possible at a HUKA dealer nearby, for example, the developed AR App offers a solution! Because are you interested in a Huka bike and would you like to see the Huka bike in real size? With the Huka Live app it is possible to almost literally place a Huka bike in your room. Wherever you want! This way you get to know your desired Huka bike in an innovative way. It is also possible to estimate the required space when you want to park your bike.



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