Recreate Holosuite Schiphol

Tim Hermans

09 January 2020

6 min

On November 25 Microsoft, in close cooperation with Recreate, launched a complete new customer experience: “The HoloSuite”. Recreate is extremely proud to be part of this journey and to contribute to this new amazing experience at Microsoft Schiphol Office!


A true immersive experience:

The HoloSuite forms the hart for a complete new way of storytelling; a 360° interactive screen, onto which you can showcase your content. This, in combination with the Microsoft HoloLens, connects the physical world with latest available immersive technologies. Visitors are fully surrounded in the environment of the customer scenario, letting them experience the use case on a compete unique way.

A sneak preview of the HoloSuite can be found here: 


Partnership with Microsoft

 “We are incredibly proud of the close collaboration between Microsoft and Recreate to deliver real live use cases to the HoloSuite. The HoloSuite allows us to give customers a true immersive experience and let experience what digital transformation truly means. The combination of the 360° experience, Microsoft business apps, IoT, the Microsoft HoloLens and real customer cases give an experience which is truly unique in the world!”
Roy Kamphuis, Managing Director and Founder at Recreate Solutions 


Real Customer cases

Recreate Solutions has contributed with the development of 2 use cases as part of the HoloSuite launch. The first use case is being developed together with Oasen Water and shows the digital transformation journey. A real physical demo device is connected with Azure IoT and triggers and alert, the visitors of the HoloSuite will be guided with the HoloLens to resolve the problem. The app also show a real life size model of the equipment which is maintained to give a real user experience. To second app delivered by Recreate is an app for the Johan Cruijff Arena. The pitch of the Johan Cruijff Arena are equipped with IoT sensor to capture data. The HoloLens application visualize the data and allows the user to resolve an issue with a specific part of the pitch. Both app work with a shared experience allowing multiple people experience the app simultaneously.


Digital Transformation; what does it mean for your organization?

Together with Microsoft we will host digital workshop sessions in the HoloSuite to inspire customers what digital transformation can mean for them. The session will be a combination of a HoloSuite experience and a workshop to define how Mixed Reality can be mapped on your process.

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