Build a better tomorrow with Virtual Reality

Replace the current reality.

Why go for a Virtual Reality solution?

The use of Virtual Reality can present your company with multiple benefits. The implementation of Virtual Reality not only enhances the employee or customer experience with the use of realistic scenarios, but it also provides a safer training method and it can be used in a remote location – saving you valuable time and money. Moreover, it is suitable for different learning styles, it can speed up the product development process, and can allow for more in-depth product testing before production while being an efficient but also enjoyable experience.


The power of storytelling is incredibly strong when used right. With Virtual Reality, you can create a better understanding of problems or difficult situations and reduce several costs. It also reduces the need to travel, as you are not bound to a location – work can be performed remotely. Virtual Reality allows you to gain a competitive advantage by offering something new within your field. Recreate Solutions has all the knowledge necessary to create an experience that is beneficial to you and your company.

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality replaces the current reality – it fully creates a new reality. It is an artificial three-dimensional environment or image that is computer-generated with software. Virtual Reality is a system that attempts to influence your senses to make them believe that they are experiencing it in the real world. It gives you the ability to look around the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items. This experience is established by using special electronic equipment, such as head-mounted displays and controllers with sensors.


Virtual Reality has the potential to transform the way you and your customers view, shop, experience, and communicate with each other and the products. At Recreate Solutions, we create virtual spaces in which 3D visualizations help you to create additional business value.

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What can Virtual Reality be used for?

As Virtual Reality can be a great asset within a variety of industries, it presents various opportunities for your company.

With Virtual Reality you can:  

  • Visit a factory on the other side of the world,  

  • Train your staff to learn about a new routine of procedures or a new product and let them practice their skills without the need for real-world training, 

  • Cut costs by testing prototypes and products virtually before the final verification with physical prototypes are performed,  

  • Achieve detailed visualization of high precision early in the design process, which leads to reduced investment costs as no physical materials are required,  

  • Showcase big products at events all over the world without having them physically present,  

  • Let customers choose from alternatives by letting them touch, modify and try your products before buying them with product configuration,  

  • Promote a new tourist attraction or a hotel suite in a unique and personalized way.


The Potential of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality holds a huge potential to transform both people and businesses. As Virtual Reality is generally associated with gaming and entertainment, the technology’s other possibilities are often overlooked, even though the impact for traditional industries could potentially be much bigger! 

We at Recreate Solutions make sure you can make great use of this impact. We do this by not only using the newest software technologies but also the newest hardware technologies to provide you with a solution that fits your company best. We work with various Head Mounted Devices, like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive , but also with the Xsens motion capture suit to provide you with the fullest experience. 


Wondering what a Virtual Reality experience can mean to your company? 

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