Webinar: Why every organization should put XR on their agenda in 2022

On January 11th, we hosted the webinar "Why every organization should put XR on their agenda in 2022". In this webinar, we explained how Extended Reality is expected to develop in 2022 and how you can start making use of this. Supported by use cases from a variety of industries, this webinar provided a great insight into the potential of XR and why you should put it on your agenda in 2022.

Points of discussion:

  • What to expect of XR in 2022 

  • How to experience the impact of XR 

  • Use cases that shine a light on the potential of XR and how organizations can leverage it to reach their goals 

  • The focus of Recreate and how we expect to use XR to its full potential in 2022 

  • Q and A.

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