Webinar: Mixed Reality in Service & Manufacturing

December 15 from 11AM to 12PM (GMT+1)

The possibilities to apply Mixed Reality has long since passed the gimmick and POC phase and this new innovative technology is increasingly finding its way to the manufacturing industry and service companies.

The Mixed Reality platform in combination with Microsoft's HoloLens 2 ensures that companies can deploy these new functionalities quickly. With the Mixed Reality suite, it is possible to instantly create added value for the techniques and your business.

During the webinar Ingmar Draaisma from Microsoft and Tim Hermans from Recreate will give an extensive demonstration of the Mixed Reality platform and how this can be of added value for your company. Supported by real-life Mixed Reality cases from the manufacturing and service industries, this webinar will give you a great insight into all the possibilities of the platform.

Examples that will be discussed include:

• Craftmanship at a distance,

• Electronic Factory Acceptance Tests (E-FAT),

• Digital Twins,

• Assembly and Quality Control

• Remote Training and Education

• Digital Audits.

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