Proud to be one of the speakers during the "VSK"

08 January 2020 09:30

The event for the installation branch is from 4 till 7 February, at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. VSK is the exhibition where you stay informed about the developments in the world of installation just by one visit. For the upcoming edition, the theme is ‘Middle in the future,’ because the future starts today. The installation branches are in transition, and the demand for knowledge about the development and the practical implementation is more significant than ever. 

The topic of our session will be" Remote craftsmanship solves staff shortage (via Augmented Reality).

Our session is planned on thursday february 6, starting at 12:00 at the kennistheater. Visit to find more information about the event and to register yourself, tickets are free of charge! Hope to see you at the VSK next month! Not able to participate?

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