Build a better tomorrow with Virtual Reality Training

Create an immersive training experience.

Why go for a Virtual Reality Training solution?

Virtual Reality training provides a cost-effective method to train big groups of people within a virtual environment. The interactive and immersive training method enables trainers to deliver a lot of information in a visually appealing and comprehensive way. 

Training within a Virtual Reality environment will significantly improve many factors, such as knowledge retention levels, user engagement, team collaboration, and job performance. All of this, while also providing a safe training environment.


The power of storytelling is incredibly strong when used right. With Virtual Reality, you can create a better understanding of problems or difficult situations and reduce training costs. It also reduces the need to travel, as you are not bound to a location – work can be performed remotely. Virtual Reality allows you to gain a competitive advantage by offering something new within your field. Recreate Solutions has all the knowledge necessary to create an experience that is beneficial to you and your company.

What is Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality Training is the virtual simulation of realistic scenarios for training purposes. The trainees enter a 360-degree interactive virtual learning environment. Within this environment, they experience 360° visuals and sounds which bridges the barrier between the virtual- and real world.
Using a headset and controllers, the trainees can move around in a controlled digital environment and interact safely with simulated tools and machinery. Within the virtual environment, the users of the technology can follow Step-By-Step Instructions to accomplish their tasks or assignments.

As experts in the development of Virtual Reality for training purposes, Recreate Solutions can provide you with a training simulation that fully fits your company's dynamics.

Read more about Virtual Reality Training in our whitepaper.

In this whitepaper, we will discuss and describe the opportunities, possible functionalities, and advantages using Virtual Reality Training. 

What can Virtual Reality Training be used for?

Virtual Reality training can be useful for many companies as there are countless possibilities for its use.

You can for example:   

  • Train employees on how to properly use machines and equipment to reduce the number of incidents and injuries, 

  • Perform test runs of new initiatives or products to see how employees respond,  

  • Train employees on a remote location to reduce travel costs,   

  • Encourage cross-functional team collaboration during product development processes,  

  • Still train employees when the practice product or practice location is not available.  


The Potential of Virtual Reality Training

Training employees has never been easier than with the use of Virtual Reality. We at Recreate Solutions, can advise you as to what can be an effective method, tailored to your requirements - allowing you and your employees to get the most out of their Virtual Reality experience.

We at Recreate Solutions make sure you can make great use of this impact. We do this by not only using the newest software technologies but also the newest hardware technologies to provide you with a solution that fits your company best. We work with various Head Mounted Devices, like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive , but also with the Xsens motion capture suit to provide you with the fullest experience. 


Wondering what a Virtual Reality Training experience can mean to your company? 

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