Europarcs 3D experience

Recreate has developed an application in which EuroParcs can show investors at a trade fair their to-be-built resorts in 3D.

About Europarcs

Since its founding in 2000, EuroParcs has been specialized in developing and managing holiday parks. To this day, they have developed 49 parks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Bonaire, and Austria. Being distinctive and offering their guests holidays on unique locations is what EuroParcs delivers with each resort. All the parks of EuroParcs have their own characteristic location and are all provided with high-quality facilities and engaging activities.  

Why did EuroParcs choose a 3D visualization with 360-degree videos

Before, EuroParcs used maquettes at trade fairs to showcase and visualize their concept of a to be built park. These maquettes included the whole lay-out and the small scales of houses that are supposed to be put in the park. These houses can be purchased by investors that visit the trade fairs. As EuroParcs is not able to bring the whole park to the trade fair, the information that the investors would get of the houses was the amount of square meters and a concept shown on the maquette, without a clear visual of what they would look like in the end. This is when they approached Recreate to help them create a more professional, clear and innovative way of the visualization of their new parks.

Showing the Potential 

Recreate has developed an application in which EuroParcs can show investors at a trade fair their to-be-built resorts in 3D. This application contains a good visual of the EuroParcs resorts and their environment with the incorporation of 360-degree videos. 

The realistic visualization of the conceptual EuroParcs location in Austria was created with the use of photogrammetry and drone shots. This was to construct an identical representation of the park. With this representation, the 3D models of the vacation houses could be placed in their designated spots. The vacation houses are made in detail, showing the materials that will be used together with the space between the houses, where cars can be parked, and the roads that are built through the park. Other facilities have been placed into the application as well, like a playground, parking lot, and a swimming pool. With this, a realistic impression has been created. 

Not only the park itself is visualized, but also the environment is shown within the application with the use of multiple 360-degree videos. These videos were made with 360-degree cameras, or they were created with the use of 360-degree rendering of the 3D environment. The footage that is incorporated includes hot spots like the mountains, buildings, ski slopes, and rivers that are surrounding the area. This had created a broader and realistic view of the area so that the investors can get an impression of the surroundings and see where the houses will be located.  

What the solution brought 

Now, EuroParcs is can bring their parks to trade fairs with the use of the application and they can sell their concepts in a professional and effective way. This method has been proven successful: for the EuroParcs resort in Austria, all the houses were sold the first day! 

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